Who is this guy?

Brett Kitchen

My family tree of entrepreneurship and financial success dates back to my Great, Great Grandfather on Jersey Isle off the coast of England.

From the earliest time I can remember I had business, money, and adventure on my mind. It gets me juiced to see someone take an idea that existed only in their minds, and breathe life into it. To create value out of thin air and create success for themselves and their family…and then using that success to experience great things the world has to offer.

Many people don’t think they have that chance. Most folks struggle with money because they’ve been taught wrong. That’s why my new mission has been in creating the Wealth Beyond Wall Street site, writing the Wealth Beyond Wall Street, and helping people learn how to build a financial foundation that gives them security, success and fulfillment.

I’ve tried to use the lessons I’ve learned from my ancestors to benefit me and the people I work with. It’s been an honor to have influenced so many lives positively…and I hope I may offer some value to yours. Be sure to grab your free gifts on this site to learn how to become a Wealth Beyond Wall Street and get your True Financial Age.

People who trust me.

“Brett is one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In addition, he has a remarkable capability of finding solutions to problems, and the dexterity of raising the proficiency of everyone around him. I have worked with him on many projects. I readily recommend Brett to anyone looking to work with him.” —Morgan Garret, Florida

“Brett always impresses me with his ability to see the big picture while still having keen sight of the actionable, smaller details. Brett is also the type of person you can trust on every level — the kind of person who may start as a business contact, but quickly becomes a friend.” —Tom Richard

“I’ve known Brett for many years and he is hard-working and very smart. I would recommend him to anyone.” —Jeremy Carver

“I know Brett personally and it is clear that he has a passion for his work. I have seen that passion displayed in his tireless efforts to succeed in his industry and achieve the goals he has set. I can also speak to the strength of his moral character as he is not afraid to take an intelligent stand for what he believes in.” —Nick Smith, SLC Utah

“I have only been working with Brett for two months now but I am very impressed so far. I have learned more in the last two months than I have in the last 2 years.” —Rick Heaverly

I have had the fortunate opportunity of working with and knowing Brett for 5+ years and have great respect for him. I have found Brett to be creative, outgoing, positive, diligent, competitive, honest, and a self-starter. He has the ability to quickly understand a unique situation and accurately discern and implement a solution.” —Dave Rudd, Owner IAT

I have worked with Brett since 2008 and have always been impressed with the way he conducts business. Brett has a way of helping his clients succeed, as well as giving them the knowledge needed to succeed. I would describe Brett with the following words… integrity, creative, successful, and knowledgeable.” —Mike Sojka

My work with Brett was very pleasant. He always knew what he wanted and was always honest with me. Definitely an honest man with whom I would gladly work again!” —Lyubcho Kostadinov