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Very Inspiring if you are a freedom loving American



Why Christians (and many others) are wrong about Phil Robertson’s freedom of speech.



A lot has been said about freedom of speech in America based on A&E’s response to Phil Robertson’s comments about gays.

Many feel he’s being censored, that he should be able to say what he wants to say, without being pressured to be politically correct. ( I Hate the entire concept of politically correct btw!)

I’ve seen a ton of comments of people outraged about how “We live in America!” “Phil can say what he wants, it’s his right!” “It’s freedom of speech and A&E has to respect that!”

Here’s the problem…

I’m a business owner. I have employees. I have clients.

I’m in business to provide for my family, and make sure my employees, who depend on me for their livelihood, have a job tomorrow.

In this case, A&E is Phil’s employer and the viewers are their clients.

They are in business to keep clients happy and make a profit.

If I had an employee publicly say something that offended a group of my customers, it’s my right to fire that person for losing me money.

That’s a good business decision; get rid of people who are losing you money.

This is not a matter of whether or not the constitution allows any person to say whatever they want.

That much is true.

However, the constitution does not guarantee that anyone can say whatever they want without consequences.

It’s A&E’s freedom to do whatever they see fit with their company and the people who work for them.  If that means they need to fire someone, so be it.

So, this is not a freedom of speech issue.  It’s bigger than that.

There are more significant issues at play here than fighting over whether Phil should have been fired for what he said.

The majority of the Duck Dynasty fans are obviously in support of Phil. They share his Christian faith, as do I. We agree that homosexuality is a sin, and brings with it the destruction of communities, families, and ultimately god has destroyed entire civilizations because of this perversion.

If viewers don’t agree with his ideology, many still believe he should be able to share his views without being penalized and punished by losing his show.

So here’s the curious question…

…and here’s what gets me passionate about this subject…

You see, I’ve had enough.

I’m sick and tired of having homosexuality shoved down my throat every time I turn around.

So why did A&E fire Phil if it isn’t a freedom of speech issue?

Could it have been for more profits? To appease their millions of viewers?

Not likely. I can’t imagine they are that dumb.

The majority of Duck Dynasty fans support Phil. A&E would definitely have known this well before this incident, based on the content and viewership of the show.

They would also know that by firing Phil, they would be alienating many of the viewers of the most popular show in Cable history.

This is obviously not a good business decision.

So why did A&E do it then?

Because it’s not about profits; it’s not about freedom of speech; it’s about morality.

It’s about good and evil. It’s about right and wrong.

The media in this country is Hell bent on destroying any morality left in the culture of America.

Just look at the video games put out these days; disgusting, filthy, and violent.

Celebrated movies chock full of the F-word,  have made this filthy language socially acceptable and common place in business, sports and in the daily use of many Americans without a second thought.

Taking the Lords name in vain is now done so incessantly that you can’t even watch a family show without kids hearing it half a dozen times.

The sexual promiscuity is rampant in almost all entertainment. Sex before marriage is the norm, sex for teenagers is just fine, and going home with someone the night you meet them is acceptable behavior. In what world does this lead to good things?

It’s no wonder the family unit is so decimated. This is what kids and teenagers are  learning in their young years…it’s no wonder poverty is so rampant. It’s no wonder sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in young people, and bi-sexual and gay men.

And if this wasn’t bad enough…

…then there’s the homosexuality.

Most statistics I’ve seen show somewhere between 2-3% of the entire US population is homosexual.

Statistically speaking this is a tiny percentage of the whole…

…yet everywhere we turn homosexuality is being shoved down our throats.

I just did a quick survey of 4 of my family members asking them what TV shows have homosexual characters or inappropriate sexual storylines in them.  Starting with the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade promoting cross dressing men in dresses, the discussion led to many of the other most popular shows on prime time TV…there seems to always have to be a gay or lesbian character promoted.

A few we came up with in 2 minutes were; Nashville, Chicago Fire, Survivor (often has gay cast members), along with The Biggest Loser and the Amazing Race. There’s The Talk, The Chew, Greys Anatomy, Modern Family, and of course Glee which is directly targeting the youth.

I, for one, am sick and tired of seeing it everywhere.

This is why I wrote A&E, and GLAAD. This is why I wrote to Cracker Barrel and they immediately changed their position (Which, by the way, is a testament to the power of the people, you and me making OUR voices known.)

This is why I am writing this blog post. Blogging is not my business. I own 2 very successful companies, and I’m a father of 3 and husband. I have better things to do than fight about inconsequential matters. But this is not inconsequential. This is a fight about the future of our country.

And lest I’m misunderstood…I’m sure I will be attacked for it, like many others…I don’t hate gay people. I am not homophobic. I believe that Jesus Christ taught us to love one another. I try to live by that teaching.

If someone wants to be gay, that is their right, I’m not going to agree with it, but so be it.

Do you ever ask yourself “Why does the vocal gay and lesbian crowd find it necessary to push their agenda on me?”

Just do your thing and leave us alone. But that’s not going to happen.  That’s not part of the agenda to spread their way of life.

However, you and I will be attacked if we make our voices known in this fight.

It is right out of the liberal playbook to label anyone who doesn’t agree with them, anyone who doesn’t want this filth in front of their kids (or themselves) homophobic, hateful bigots with no tolerance.

They use a form of bullying to get people on their side of the issue…

…in psychology this is called Demonizing. It’s a tactic used to manipulate people into softening their position or abandoning it altogether so they don’t feel stupid.

This is a psychological form of bullying.

The thought process is this…

“If all people who oppose homosexuality being shoved down their faces are hateful, homophobic bigots…Geeze,” people think,  “I don’t want to be a hateful bigot, so I’ll just let it go.”

That’s the effect that demonizing has on people. It’s incredibly effective, but it’s a way to manipulate you and I, to make us feel bad for standing our ground.

I am raising 3 young children and I am teaching them what is right and what is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong.

When you are trying to stay clean you don’t go out and roll around in the mud.

 A&E is either part of Hollywood’s agenda to push filth, sex, homosexuality, vulgarity and destroy the family unit. Or they are being bullied by the vocal LBGT group, GLAAD.

Either way, it’s not going to end well for them until they listen to their viewers and bring Phil back.

This is how we take back control of our media, of our country, of our culture. Not standing down when someone calls us bigots for standing up for what is right. Not sitting idly by when our voices are needed to let people know what we stand for.

One of my favorite quotes is from Edmund Burke “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

It’s our obligation to take action, to make sure the country we live in is made by us, so our freedom of religion, choice, speech, and financial freedoms are protected.

Brett Kitchen


Brett Kitchen is a national Best Selling Author of Safe Money Millionaire. An unconventional approach to financial safety and creating independence in all areas of your life. Get a Free Copy of his book here




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