The Best Holiday Of The Year

In Utah, fall is really the most beautiful time of year.  The days are warm, the mornings and evenings are crisp. The leaves are turning golden yellow and sunset orange.

The air is pure and clear after the regular rain showers, and the signs of Thanksgiving are starting to appear.
Me & my son.
The football season is in full swing.  Spending Saturdays at the stadium with friends and family brings back great memories, and creates new ones.

Of course there’s the pumpkins and Halloween that every one loves, but Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.

And even though its now too cold to waterski and hang out at the lake, I still love fall.

I guess I get nostalgic this time of year because my father always taught us to be grateful. To be humble, and realize that everything we have comes from God. He worked hard to create a wonderful life for my family, and always made sure we never took anything for granted.

I’ve been so blessed.

I have so much to be thankful for.

Starting with my wife and 3 kids who mean the world to me. My parents who taught me so much and sacrificed so much for my well being throughout my life and continue to be a great influence in my life.

I’m thankful for my brother and 3 sisters. I’m grateful we all have a great relationship together, and love each other very much.

Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the goodness the Lord has blessed me with, and as I look out my office window and see the beautiful mountains that surround us, I am often in awe.

Sometimes it’s fun to just take a minute and think of all things you can possibly name that you are grateful for. It’s amazing about the things we take for granted every day that we really should be VERY thankful for.
My family.
Things like running water, toilet paper, microwaves, central air, and cars with cup holders. It sounds a little silly at first, but its true!

These are great inventions and I am definitely grateful I’m not wondering out the back yard to the outhouse in the middle of the winter! (It wasn’t that many years ago that my mother in law grew up doing exactly that!)

Yesterday walking into the office I took a deep breath of the fresh crisp air and was grateful for the clean air, my health and body.

For me, the most important thing I am grateful for is Gods love and his sacrifice for us to return and live with him someday.

As I’ve grown I’ve learned that one of the surest ways to be truly happy is to through humility and gratitude.

This is my favorite time of year…because there is so much to be thankful for.