Do You Work As Hard To Be Successful As Steph Curry?

This years NBA Playoffs and Finals is one I will remember for a long time.

One of the reasons was of course, Steph Curry and his amazing clutch shots, the other reason was because my son Joshua is now old enough to appreciate the games and watch them with me.

I’ve always loved basketball, I love what it teaches a person about themselves, It can bring out your self doubt and help you recognize that and turn it into self confidence.

It teaches discipline and hard work. For most of humankind the only way to excel in the sport is by paying the price of time and effort in the gym, working out, doing drills, shooting thousands of jump shots, and running until you throw up.

That hard work teaches a valuable lesson that will serve anyone well throughout their lives.

Steph Curry is also a classy guy, he’s a God fearing faith based person who loves his family and isn’t pounding his chest telling the world he’s the greatest.

He’s a magician on the floor, and his attitude and behavior off the floor makes it easy to root for him.

Basketball has always been my first love when it comes to sports, it’s fun seeing my family embrace it, seeing Joshua practice his dribbling and shooting in the backyard takes me back to the days of practicing in the rain, cold and 100 degree temperatures…

All the hard work paid off for me when we won a state championship in high school, but even more importantly, it taught me that if I want to be successful in work and in my family, it isn’t going to come easy…not even close.

Anything worthwhile costs effort and work, no one gets rich and successful without it, despite what it may look like from the outside. In America financial success can be had by anyone, regardless of upbringing or race, and my next couple of articles about real life people I’ve met recently from a taxi driver in Seattle to a real estate investor in Florida, will prove it…

So enjoy this video of Steph Curry making jaw dropping shots…shots he should be able to make, and know he spent a lot of time in a lonely gym making those exact shots, long before he ever made it on the Big Stage.