Living Your Bucket List

I’ve always loved the water, the sun and sand, and warm weather.

Whether it’s at a lake or the beach.

Combine the water with my love for athletics and I’m game for just about anything you can do on the water.

I always thought surfing would be fun.

But after trying it several times, I realized I don’t like waiting in the water forever between sets (thats where all the action is).

So when I saw kite surfing, with the constant action, it was clear, this is much more up my alley.

It went up on my vision board and I wanted to learn to do it.

So last year my wife and I took a trip to Cancun Mexico for a week to learn how to kite-surf.

(With my instructor Daniel. He was the best!)

I had a great time. It was exciting, and fun to get up and cruise across the water.
Watching other pros do it almost effortlessly was inspiring.

(I felt like almost drown at one point, which was unfortunate, but it was awesome nonetheless.)

I just ran across a video of an incredible location to kitesurf and it’s going up on my vision board today

Check it out.

The point is not for you to go out and learn kitesurfing.

The point is, whatever you love to do, or think you might like to learn to do, put it up on your vision board, look at it every day.

Think about it when you go to bed at night, envision yourself doing it in the morning and night in the theater of your own mind.

Put a plan into action to accomplish just one of your vision board goals…and then work toward making it happen!